If you read Revelations from front to back you get a series of events. Many have standard interpretations that we have come across many times before. The seals the trumpets the three angels the bowls of wrath and others. Now instead of looking at them as one story I will look at them as a series of short stories all covering different aspects of the same thing. In fact 14 stories covering 21 subjects. Every thing you thought you knew will change. So below I have spread them out in pictorial form and layered them. Taking references from one verse and fitting them in line with other verses that cover the same subject, however brief. I think you will be amazed. I am a practical man so my assumption are limited and you will not see aliens, rapture, giants, the Pope being the Anti Christ or False Prophet no mystery planets no lizard men no secret codes. There are some obvious images of the UK and lions Russia and bears and USA and eagles. Once a parameter has been set I stick to it. I try to keep it simple and if it says something I try to keep what is said as literal as possible. I hope this doesn't scare you off because this view of Revelations is really interesting. Some things are encouraging others very difficult. You can read it like a normal book by clicking the buttons in order. You can also pick a subject and read each subject..

Revelations Unfolded

The color code is grey is pre-tribulation the red is during the tribulation. Some events, like the horsemen start before the  tribulation and go to the end. 


Heads and Horns

Two biggest errors


Age of Philadelphia

Age of Lodacea

Tribulation begins

REV 4&5

Beasts of Heaven

Angels Sing

100 Million before the Throne


White Horse- Deception

Red Horse- War

Black Horse- Money

Green Horse- Famine

Saints Cry Out

Great Earthquake


The Great Calm

144,000 Marked

Multitude before the Throne

REV 8&9

Seven Trumpets- The calamities

One- A third of trees burnt

Two- mountain into the sea

Three- A comet hits the earth

Four- A third of light gone

An eagle cries woe woe

Five- Satan releases locusts

Six-Two Hundred million man army

REV 10

Mystery of the seven thunders

New Gospel

REV 11

Outer court given over to the nations

The two witnesses

Death of the two witnesses

REV 12

Signs in the Heaven

The woman

The dragon

The Child

Satan cast down

REV 13

Beast with Seven Heads

First Call

Another Beast


False Prophet


Mortal Wound

REV 14

Fear God

Fallen Fallen is Babylon

Do not take Mark of the Beast



REV 15&16

Seven horns of wrath

Seas Poisoned

Rivers Poisoned

Sun Scorches

Darkness Falls

Kings of the East

False Prophet

The End

REV 17

Harlot and the Beast

The Heads

The Beast

The Horns

REV 18

Fallen Fallen is Babylon the Great

I am no widow

Leave the Cities

Babylon (USA) Attacked This begins the Tribulation

Daniel 7

 First Beast

 Second Beast

 Third Beast

 Forth Beast

A New Horn and three fall

Math 24

The Abomination of desolation

White Horseman

Red Horseman

Black Horseman

Pale Horseman


Two  Witnesses

REV 19&20

Babylons Destruction

The First Resurrection

White Rider